Monday, July 7, 2014

Lesson: Surreal Selfies

Remember that BAD HAIR DAY project?  Yep... this is a twist on that one.  The kids love it!  Zentangle-tastic meets the selfie!  What teenager doesn't like to take SELFIES???  Ugh... I know, I know.  But here we go!

Credit:  In collaboration with Matt Milkowski from earlier project (Bad Hair Day) inspired also by Klimt Scratchboard project and Zentangles.

Summary:  Students demonstrate organic and geometric lines and shapes to create narrative self portrait collages.  Inspired by the Surrealist Movement, students play with size and compositional techniques to interact with objects. 

  1. Brainstorm objects and gestures
  2. Creative Writing prompts
  3. Thumbnail sketches (Gesture crash course optional)
  4. Take student photos
  5. Print photos in black and white
  6. Students graphite transfer entire photo (body, clothing general lines, head, hands, etc) onto sulphite paper
  7. Students cut out “skin” parts and paste in the appropriate space where transfered
  8. Large silhouette of person has THICK line weights
  9. Inside shapes broken into geometric or organic.  Medium Lineweight
  10. Each shape gets the corresponding lines using thin lineweight (uniball)
And then...
  1. Object gets emailed to teacher or printed out by student- object may need multiples, and different sizes to play with.  Can upload to Google Drive (yup, we finally got onto the Google boat!)
  2. Image of object gets traced (really again a graphite transfer or lightbox trace) as a silhouette with possible general main lines inside.
  3. Outside shape gets THICK line weight
  4. Object gets organic or geo (opposite though of the person)- break inside into shapes, medium line weight
  5. Inside of shapes gets corresponding lines, thin lineweight
And then...
  1. Object(s) and Person gets cut out of the sulphite paper, create an exciting composition, and glue onto a color paper background.
  2. Options:  Borders, other interesting marks, collage background, emphasizing using color pencils... 


This one was chosen to be displayed
in the Chicago Public Schools' All-City Exhibition! 

This is a small smattering of student work on display at
our annual artshow, chosen from the
8 Art Survey courses (about 250 students) at Kenwood Academy.

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